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The future is precision medicine.
Our purpose is to help clinicians developing tests and kits that give accurate and reliable diagnostic results.

The company

Since 1994 B.S.N. is active in the in vitro diagnostics field throughout Italian territory. As part of the Clinical Pathology laboratory, B.S.N. turns its interest to specialistic diagnostics, with a focus on pharmacotoxicology and special clinical chemistry.

In 2014 B.S.N. opened a new research, development and production division of diagnostic kits in chromatography (HPLC, LC-MS/MS), having as a center of attention the following clinical fields: toxicology and therapeutic drug monitoring, endocrinology and oncology.


After the foundation in 1994, the company has achieved important acknowledgements in  certification scope, up to ISO 13485 in 2017 for the production of CE-IVDD diagnostic kits.

The procedure for achieving IVDR certification is ongoing.

Currently B.S.N. employs a staff of over 30 people which includes managers, commercial officers, researchers, technical-application specialists and order personnel.

Who we are

Giacinto Guercilena
Marketing and R&D Director

Nicola Richetti
Accounting Director

Serafino Zucchi
Sales Director

Valerio Capellini
Chromatography and Biochemistry Manager

Marcello Di Tuccio
Product Specialist

Giulia Goglio
Product Specialist

Antonio Multari
Product Specialist

Matteo Marchesi
Sales Manager

Federico Vailati Facchini
Sales Officer

Andrea Ferrari
Commercial Officer

Sara Pini
Commercial Officer

Valentina Spoldi
Junior Product Manager

Giorgio Antonio Zucchi
Junior Product Manager

Luisa Tacchinardi
Marketing Officer

Bruno Casetta
Head of Scientific Department

Vincenza Flora Dibari
Head of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Thomas Matulli Cavedagna
Head of R&D

Mattia Albertini
Head of Production

Nicola Guercilena
Production Officer

Sara Marzatico
R&D and Quality Controls Technician

Francesco Podetta
Head of Service Department

Alberto Della Noce
Junior Service Technician

Roberto Bonfrate
Service Consultant

Maurizio Cassinelli
Service Consultant

Donatella Bottazzo
Finance Officer

Laura Guercilena
HR Manager

Davide Contini
Accounting Manager

Hilary Vailati
Accounting Officer

Umberto Rossi
Accounting Officer

Andrea Prete
Head of Supply and Logistic Department

Michele Zucchi
Supply Department Officer

Daniel Ceribelli
Logistic Department Officer

Alice Vanelli
Cleaning Officer